Mullinder signs for Salop - Salop Sports Photography

It gives us enormous pleasure to announce that young up and coming photographer, Jake Mullinder, will be joining the Salop Sports Photography team. Jake will be studying his master’s degree in Leeds University whilst helping SSP reach its long and short term goals.

Owner Josh Pearce said “Jake is a very talented young man and has a great future in photography, not just in sports but his portrait work is exceptional as well. His drive to push his own abilities to the limits and his hunger to succeed replicates that of Salop Sports Photography. Having known Jake for a number of years now it gives me great pleasure to be working with him in this way.”

Here’s what the main man himself had to say; “I am really excited to work with the SSP team during the 2018-19 season. I’ve known Josh for a number of years now and seeing the amount of effort he has put in to grow the brand has given me a great sense of pride to be a part of the project. I can’t wait to get started and help SSP branch out to other areas of the country”

Be sure to look out for Jake’s work on all Salop Sports Photography’s social media platforms in the very near future.

Twitter: @SalopSports

Instagram: @SalopSports

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