Why you should calibrate your lenses TODAY!

It’s the most frustrating thing to get home after a long day of shooting and find yourself with blurry images. Most of the time, a blurry image is a sure sign of a ‘missed focus’.

If this is happening across multiple images, then it might not be down to your focusing skills. Lens calibration is important to ensure your lenses can focus on a subject correctly.

When most people hear the word ‘calibrate’, they think of something obtrusive and difficult to complete. With lens calibration, it’s actually very simple. It isn’t a risky adjustment that tinkers with the inside of your DSLR camera. That’s reserved for calibrating manual focus, not autofocus calibration.

You can buy a lens calibrator for about £5 from Amazon or eBay

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Calibrating your autofocus system is a lot easier and less risky for your camera gear. Calibrating your lens is very important for a correct focus. Every lens needs to be calibrated to each camera it is used with, otherwise, you risk inaccurate focus and subsequent blurry images. Many new photographers assume that their new camera lens is ready to go. This is rarely the case, so take a few minutes to ensure yours is correct. Thankfully, this is something that doesn’t need specialist attention. You don’t need to send that expensive lens away or pay money for a repair shop to fix it. You can do it in the comfort of your own home.

To learn how to calibrate your lens we suggest searching videos on YouTube on how to do this with your camera. 

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