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Focus of The Week #005

The James Richardson Episode

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Tell us about yourself?

I'm James, I'm 29 and I currently live in Stamford, a gorgeous town in South Lincolnshire with my wife and 2 cats! I'm originally from Peterborough but emigrated 15 miles up the A1 for a better quality of life.

Photography is a part-time hobby of mine which I do at weekends and evenings between my full-time job as a UK & EU Sales & Marketing Manager for a small company based in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. If you ever need Date Paste, Syrup or anything to do with the Date fruit, it's what I sell and market everyday!

Luckily I work from home and travel Europe regularly, so photography plays a big part in how I relax after working or travelling abroad.

What got you into photography?

I properly got into photography in 2006 when I was given my first camera when I went on a family holiday to Florida. From there the camera got bigger and better and then I decided to focus on photography more when I went to university in Worcester. A few terrible jobs here and there and in early 2016 I had an opportunity to join up with Peterborough Sports as their match day photographer they were starting in the Northern Premier Division One South. From there my kit has grown and so has my experience!

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What type photography do you enjoy doing the most?

I mostly enjoy sport photography - I never think of it as a job because I enjoy it so much! But lately during the current lockdown I'm doing a lot of landscape photography which helps when I live on the border of Lincolnshire and Rutland with it's amazing walks and scenery.

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What’s your favourite image you’ve ever taken and why?

These questions are always the toughest as I've taken so many over the years, but it has to be one I took last year at Burghley Horse Trials 2019. I was given the opportunity to roam the grounds over the 4 days, take photos behind the scenes, crowds etc. I'm not into the who's who of the equestrian world, but the photo I chose was one of Sir Mark Todd, 

which as it turned out was his last event before he retired. The picture is composed in such as way that the horse I looking directly at me and the rider is composing himself.

There's just something about it that I love!

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What’s in your kit bag?

My kit is growing rapidly and only this year I've already added a new lens and body to my bag. As it stands, I have a Nikon D500 with a Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 and the Tamrons baby sister the 24-70mm f2.8. I also have a second body, the Nikon D7200 which I've had for the past 4 years with a 50mm f1.8 attached.

What’s next on your ‘to buy’ list?

It's either going to be another Nikon D500 or a Nikon full frame, probably the D850 - this will be used as a second camera while shooting sport and my main camera for the landscape, weddings and corporate work I do.

I'd love to add a 300mm f2.8 but my budget doesn't stretch that far.

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What would you love to photograph more than anything?

I'd love to get into the live music industry as a photographer. I'm a huge fan of live music (and music in general), in particular rock and the surrounding genres. So my plan will be to start in local venues and progress to bigger stages.

Who’s your favourite photographer and why?

I wouldn't say I have a favourite photographer per se as I haven't really idolised or followed anyone's work. But saying that, my dad had a small hobby photographing the local rail scene (train spotter to me and you) and I guess spending the many hours on footbridges and stations when I was younger gave me an insight on how he used to do it. I even dabble in in transport photography now and again when time allows!

Final question, what’s your lockdown pastime?

At the moment it's going on my government-approved walk - it's very basic but what else can we do in times like these!? I was supposed to be moving at the end of March, but that's been halted while we're in lockdown. Once we're able to go anywhere other than our gardens or a quick walk, I'll be arranging a holiday somewhere just for a change of scenery!

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