Focus of The Week - #002

The Ben Pooley Episode

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Tell us about yourself...

Hi all my name is Ben Pooley I’m Photographer based near Ipswich in Suffolk I am 22 years old my day job is a security porter at a boarding school in the area.   

What got you into photography?

I got into photography because I enjoy being outside and capturing things that sometimes get missed also helps to clear my head after a busy week.     

What type of photography do you enjoy doing the most?

I mostly enjoy Sports photography in particularly football as I’ve always enjoyed playing it but was never good at it (had two left feet) so I thought the second best thing would be to be pitchside close to the action.

What’s your favorite image you’ve ever taken and why?

This (below) is my favorite image that I’ve taken because of how I got everything in focus while the player is in the air and the positioning of his body for me is perfect, I’ve tried to shot this millions of times since but haven’t got it like this. 

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What’s in your kit bag?

Currently, in my kit bag I have two Nikon D3s, 50mm f1.8, 70-200mm F2.8, Nikon Speedlight SB-600.

What’s next on your ‘to buy’ list?

100% trying to get a Nikon 300mm F2.8 as I struggle with the distance on the 70-200mm.

What would you love to photograph more than anything?

Other than big football events I would love to shoot more rugby games and maybe one day the Olympic Games.

Who’s your favourite photographer and why?

Don’t really have a favourite there are hundreds of photographers I love and who inspire me but, if I had to pick one would be Michael Regan who shoots for Getty Images. His photos are incredible he gets so many interesting shots from different angles and seeing these have made me try different shots than normal ones.

Final question, what’s your lockdown pastime?

Definitely got to be football manager i’ve played it every year for goodness knows how many years, spending hours getting non-league teams to the Premier League love it!

All images on this page are copyrighted to Ben Pooley.

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